Introducing the

Starlight Harp!

The world’s only all-carbon-fiber pedal harp, weighing only 38 pounds.

But, can a ‘plastic’ harp sound any good? Starlight Superlight Harps™ aren’t plastic, they’re high-tech carbon fiber – the same thing that’s been used for top-end guitars and cellos for years. In the last two years, 500 lever harps have found new homes with VERY happy harpists, and now Starlight is making the dream available to pedal harpists, as well.

We even have a new finish that makes our carbon fiber harps look exactly like a wood harp, with dozens of wood colors and patterns. Get more information on this new finish on our new Wood Grain Finish page.


Just a few years ago, this was a harpist’s dream,
but it wasn’t reality. Until now.


  • Are you tired of lugging your heavy harp around?
  • Do you suffer from a sore shoulder, back or neck when you play as long as you want?
  • Do you worry, knowing you can’t leave your harp in a parked car because of the heat?
  • Do you have to decline gigs, knowing that you can’t maneuver your harp where they want you to play?


  • Playing beautiful music for an outdoor event – with no concern about whether it starts to rain!
  • Carting your harp easily from car to gig to house to gig again – and never worrying about dings or nicks.
  • Getting incredible volume and tone automatically, without overplaying your strings.
  • Stopping for a leisurely lunch and leaving your harp in the hot car, knowing it can’t be damaged.